Car Reviews Lamborghini Jota

After experiencing a recall on the Lambo Murcielago in 2007 and 2008 or 10% of total production, the issue of cessation of production by the Murcielago model of Italian sports car manufacturer Lamborghini is getting closer to reality. The Murcielago's successor has been shown in a disguised appearance.

Various ways done the automotive world to introduce a new model. How unique is shown by the Lamborgini by just showing the logo of cars and the latest car hood, without clarity of the other.

Stephan Winkelman, Lamborghini Chief Executive Officer, said this latest product will abandon the concept of a weighted steel weight and maximize weight reduction with carbon fiber material. Focusing mainly on weight reduction rather than engine performance. The new car will also be much crowded with components made ​​from aluminum to force the weight down dramatically.

The apparition is called the Murcielago replacement Jota. Jota name is given as a tribute to Bob Wallace Miura Jota, the examiner of vehicles during the 1970s. About the performance no doubt, this car is expected to hold 6.0 liter V12 engine with maximum power of 700 hp. This power makes the car sped 0-100 km per hour in just 3 seconds.

Jota was, reportedly also has a body that is shorter than the Murcielago is also stripped style scissor doors to reach the ultimate goal, to reduce weight. The maximum weight that can be achieved from the reduction of under 1,500 kg.

The car will be exhibited this spring in the event the Paris Auto Show. For the price, seems to be not far from the existing products on the market Murcielago LP640.